If you would like to get in touch with me for any reason, please read the following page first.

I am currently focusing more on creating online content. But I also do freelance work from time to time. If you would like to hire me for a job, please understand what I can do for you first:

  • I am a front-end web developer. Which means I can turn your designs and data into user interfaces that work in the browser. I can also develop user interfaces for mobile phones through hybrid mobile applications.

  • I am not a web designer. I cannot use tools like photoshop and sketch to design a website or an application. I can turn designs made using such tools into web or mobile user interfaces.

  • I am also not a back-end developer. I have an idea about back-end concepts. However creating API's, dealing with databases, etc.. is not my main profession.

  • In addition to HTML/CSS and Vanilla JavaScript, I can use ReactJS for web and single-page applications (Including Next.js and Gatsby). I use React Native for hybrid mobile applications. I can aslo develop front-ends for WordPress powered websites.

After reading these points, if you think I am a good match for your project, please get in touch with me through my email:

If you have a question related to one of my courses:

  • Currently all my courses are available on Udemy. I prefere that you keep course related questions in the Q&A section on Udemy. This way everybody else can see your question which is better for me and for other students.

  • When applicable, attach your question to the related lecture. Students can filter questions by a specific lecture, so this is way you are also helping other students find questions easily.

  • If your question requires me looking at your code, please upload your entire project folder either on github or any storage service like google drive. If you are going to send a compressed folder, use ZIP and not RAR. Also avoid adding generated folders like node_modules in the compressed file.

  • As a last resort, If you would like to keep the question or code private, send me an email to But please keep that as your last option.

If you would like to know more about me, make sure to check my About page. Also check my Uses page for information about stuff that I use for development and course production.

If you have suggestions, requests, quick questions or just wanna say hi you can also send me an email or just .