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The Complete GitHub Actions & Workflows Guide

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Automate code testing, deployment & versioning using CI/CD workflows. Create & publish re-usable GitHub actions to the GitHub Marketplace.

What you'll Learn:

  • Learn about writing serialized data in the YAML format.
  • Discover conceptually what workflows and GitHub actions are.
  • Learn what terms like action, step, job, event, workflow, etc.. mean.
  • Discover everything you can do in a github workflow (events, schedules, filtering, environment variables, context, - encryption, matrix and more).
  • Learn how docker can be used in a github workflow.
  • Create a real-life CI/CD workflow for code testing, formatting, versioning and more.
  • Learn how to use semantic versioning to automatically version your code in your workflow.
  • Upload code testing coverage reports in your workflows using codecov.
  • Use caching in workflows for faster performace.
  • Learn about uploading artifacts in workflows.
  • Learn about how to create your own custom GitHub Actions using Javascript or Docker.
  • Create an action for opening GitHub issues using JavaScript.
  • Create an action for sending slack messages using PHP.
  • Learn how to publish GitHub actions in the GitHub marketplace.

What Students are Saying:

  • great course, well taught.

    James Preston
  • wasn't expecting an intro to yaml in the first lecture, but actually it was super helpful!

    David Moshal
  • I am an engineer at GitHub taking this course. You're doing a great job !

    Melanie Stewart-Cooper
  • very good explanation

    Suresh Rajashekar
  • Course provides clear examples of how to use GitHub actions.

    Ivan Pizhenko
  • Its very clear and straightforward

    Khaled Dabbous
  • O Curso é muito bom, prático, vai direto ao ponto.

    Cícero Samuel Clemente Rodrigues
  • Fantastic detail explanation. Loved it.

    Raju Ahmed Shetu
  • Very competent teacher with clear pronounce and clarification as well as useful practical examples.

    Wei He