8 hours on-demand video

Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress and React Developers

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Use your ReactJS and Redux knowledge to create complex WordPress editor (Gutenberg) blocks and plugins from scratch.

What you'll Learn:

  • Learn about Gutenberg blocks design guidelines.
  • Discover how Gutenberg saves your post in the database and how the editor UI is constructed.
  • Learn how to use webpack to transpile ES6 and JSX, compile SASS to CSS, bundle and minify your JS and CSS files and - more.
  • Integrating ESLint, Prettier and husky in your project to improve your workflow.
  • Create a new custom Gutenberg block from scratch.
  • Customize Gutenberg features in your WordPress theme.
  • Discover every aspect you need to know to create a complex Gutenberg block.
  • Create a nested block (a block that accepts other blocks inside of it).
  • Use third party react libraries to create complex features.
  • Learn about handling deprecated blocks.
  • Learn how to transform your custom block into another block.
  • Create a dynamic block.
  • Explore how to use existing redux stores in your blocks.
  • Learn how to create your own redux stores in order to share data between blocks.
  • Learn different ways to manage meta fields in the gutenberg editor.
  • Learn how to create a custom sidebar in Gutenberg and manage your meta fields inside of it.
  • Learn how to extend the existing Gutenberg sidebar.

What Students are Saying:

  • I ve bought and a previous lesson of the instructor.His clarity in his teaching continues to this lesson too.

    kostas sarris
  • Si è adatto a me, sono cose che avevo già studiato, ma con questo corso ho risolto tutti i miei dubbi e imparato molto di più.

    Denis Franchi
  • Thanks for the course mate, the structure is well thought through. The instructor explains simpler or alternative ways to do certain things and then shows how to do those things better. Whilst I am new to the content so not sure of what I don't know, this feels like a university level course. Very thorough.

    Christopher Heneghan
  • Really good cource! Ali is great developer and he explain all the stuff really simple. I enjoyed this course very much!

    Illia Bukatych
  • Excellent course. Very thorough, nicely paced and well detailed. You can use the new React syntax with ease instead of classes. Ali is also incredibly quick to answer questions. I also always enjoy the workflow set up, whether it is with Gulp or Webpack. Great stuff!!

  • The dev explains everything thoroughly, provides the proper way of writing code and provides the resources needed to learn more about what he is discussing. Would be more than happy to go through more videos of watching him build stuff.

    Jamie Arkin
  • One of the best courses on starting with Gutenberg Blocks out there. I highly recommend it.

    Anton Zaroutski
  • It's a very good course to learn Gutenberg Ali has Explained each topic well. Highly recommended course.

    Kishan Jasani
  • Finally understood webpack because it was demonstrated by chunks. The instructor showed what a specific configuration does and showed what it does not cover. For example, the what the loader does and what additional configuration to add to that. That we could have added features manually and what is the purpose of preset-env and where to find others like it, etc.

    Jerome Gamo