8 hours on-demand video

Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress and React Developers

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Use your ReactJS and Redux knowledge to create complex WordPress editor (Gutenberg) blocks and plugins from scratch.

What you'll Learn:

  • Learn about Gutenberg blocks design guidelines.
  • Discover how Gutenberg saves your post in the database and how the editor UI is constructed.
  • Learn how to use webpack to transpile ES6 and JSX, compile SASS to CSS, bundle and minify your JS and CSS files and - more.
  • Integrating ESLint, Prettier and husky in your project to improve your workflow.
  • Create a new custom Gutenberg block from scratch.
  • Customize Gutenberg features in your WordPress theme.
  • Discover every aspect you need to know to create a complex Gutenberg block.
  • Create a nested block (a block that accepts other blocks inside of it).
  • Use third party react libraries to create complex features.
  • Learn about handling deprecated blocks.
  • Learn how to transform your custom block into another block.
  • Create a dynamic block.
  • Explore how to use existing redux stores in your blocks.
  • Learn how to create your own redux stores in order to share data between blocks.
  • Learn different ways to manage meta fields in the gutenberg editor.
  • Learn how to create a custom sidebar in Gutenberg and manage your meta fields inside of it.
  • Learn how to extend the existing Gutenberg sidebar.

What Students are Saying:

  • Finally understood webpack because it was demonstrated by chunks. The instructor showed what a specific configuration does and showed what it does not cover. For example, the what the loader does and what additional configuration to add to that. That we could have added features manually and what is the purpose of preset-env and where to find others like it, etc.

    Jerome Gamo
  • In-depth, step-by-step approach. Instructor didn't skip step! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to take deep dive into developing WordPress Gutenberg Blocks.

    Meera Bavadekar
  • Probably one of the best WordPress Udemy course. Not an easy one, it will take time to digest it but the topics are deeply covered by Ali.

    Gibaudan Lionel
  • Ali gives a really comprehensive tour of the Gutenberg editor covering some often quite complex concepts with an easy to understand teaching style. Highly recommended!

  • I have gone through several tutorials on building blocks and just kept getting stuck. This course is so thorough, I really believe I now have all the tools to go out and build WP blocks. I also really appreciated the in-depth details on setting up webpack. It was unexpected but oh so helpful!

    Patty O'Hara
  • Great course, at first I thought the voice would bore me, but now I think it's my favorite voice to listen to. Just really clear, complete and to the point information. I'm really soaking in this course throughout the day, and when I listen to it late at night it helps me fall asleep :)

    Jules Colle
  • Best course I have ever seen on udemy, too many cool things. I really enjoyed watching this course.

    Abdul Rafay
  • Very nice sessions. I can follow up. He is responding to my questions very fast. Very much impressed.

  • Ali really explains all the important concepts well. This course gives a really good "bonus" by making use of Webpack and setting up a workflow.

    Aniel Feyt