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The Complete Guide to Building Premium WordPress Themes

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Create premium wordpress themes from scratch. Learn all the best practices that will get your theme approved on marketplaces like themeforest.

What you'll Learn:

  • Learn how to code and create premium WordPress themes that pass the themeforest review.
  • Use NPM/Yarn and Gulp to create a workflow for an efficient and a reusable Wordpress theme.
  • Discover all core aspects for creating a WordPress theme.
  • Learn how to create a secure and translation ready WordPress theme.
  • Learn How to make your theme customizable with WordPress's Customizer API.
  • Write Javascript using the latest ES6+ versions.
  • Create custom WordPress widgets and integrate them with Customizer.
  • Create custom post types and custom taxonomies.
  • Learn about shortcodes and how to create them.
  • Learn how your WordPress website can be more accessible.
  • Create basic plugins and learn how to properly include them in your theme.
  • Make your theme modifiable with child themes.
  • Understand how things work in WordPress in a deeper way by digging into the source code.
  • Create themes that are compatible with the new editor 'Gutenberg'.

What Students are Saying:

  • I have been using wordpress over a year now. Made some customizations on other themes, but i have never created one from scratch. So far i had an idea of what's going on, but this course definetely helped me fully understand some things i kind of knew and other things i never knew untill now.

    Alexandros Pallis
  • The course is amazing and the instructor resolves your questions. It´s hard to find an instructor that answers questions in Udemy. Thanks Ali.

    Alan Burga
  • Es un gran curso, he aprendido bastante, explica muy bien los conceptos y recomienda buenas practicas

    Ramon Leonardo Fabian Roman
  • This course is excellent!!! Very well organized and thought out. Ali does a great job of explaining everything in an easy to understand way. Excited to finish my first WordPress theme :-)))))))

    Francesca Norelli
  • The teacher explains the fundamentals very well. It is not just basic hello world type course, but actually designed for professionals.

    Rudolph Pereira
  • The course had good coverage of most everything needed to create a WordPress theme. I liked that emphasis was placed on accessibility and translation. There have been changes to Gutenberg so maybe adding an update for that.

    Loren Heisey
  • So glad I purchased this course - not even 1/4 of the way through and have learned so much! I had some knowledge of WordPress and creating themes, but was wanting to round out my knowledge and this is perfect - thank you!

    Nancy Purcell
  • Very smart instructor. I like the automating development workflow with NPM and Gulp. This is beyond expectation.

    Nasrun Panigoro
  • must take course for those who wish to learn WordPress and explore about various themes and lot

    Panduranga Chary Kasoju