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The Complete Guide to Building Premium WordPress Themes

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Create premium wordpress themes from scratch. Learn all the best practices that will get your theme approved on marketplaces like themeforest.

What you'll Learn:

  • Learn how to code and create premium WordPress themes that pass the themeforest review.
  • Use NPM/Yarn and Gulp to create a workflow for an efficient and a reusable Wordpress theme.
  • Discover all core aspects for creating a WordPress theme.
  • Learn how to create a secure and translation ready WordPress theme.
  • Learn How to make your theme customizable with WordPress's Customizer API.
  • Write Javascript using the latest ES6+ versions.
  • Create custom WordPress widgets and integrate them with Customizer.
  • Create custom post types and custom taxonomies.
  • Learn about shortcodes and how to create them.
  • Learn how your WordPress website can be more accessible.
  • Create basic plugins and learn how to properly include them in your theme.
  • Make your theme modifiable with child themes.
  • Understand how things work in WordPress in a deeper way by digging into the source code.
  • Create themes that are compatible with the new editor 'Gutenberg'.

What Students are Saying:

  • must take course for those who wish to learn WordPress and explore about various themes and lot

    Chary KPR
  • Ali is really a great Teacher, My all search stop after watching his course and now I have created my first theme to sell on ThemeForest.

    Manmeet Singh
  • Very good and complete course. The lectures about Gulp were really helpful to me and not just for WordPress projects. I was also pleasantly surprised by how fast Ali replied to my questions.

    Impuls Communicatie
  • Very good course on modern WordPress development. I'm VERY happy with my purchase.

    Timothy Myers
  • This course is excellent for more advanced developers who are looking for building themes for Themeforest etc.

    Chris Scott
  • Amazing course. I like the course very much and learn a lot from it. Thank you so much Ali Alaa

    Jade egley
  • Combined with the content of the course and very good expression of the teacher. It's great that the teacher answers the questions quickly and gives all the help. One of the best training I've ever had.

    Mert Alpaslan
  • it was a very clear and complete course for me because now i'm inderstanding why my theme doesn't pass themeforest and i find in this course how to correct it. I also understand notions like escaping and callback

    Mickael Lopez
  • Great course and a very competent, easy to understand instructor. He explains it very, very well.

    Anette Jonsson